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Iomagic External Harddrive Error


I have done it and some of the techs I have told this to have had it work. I put it in a Lil Oscar lunch cooler with freezer packs and covered with a towel to preserve the cold. That is why most drives have the "do not cover" warning on the label. GB Reply November 28, 2009 I'm always hearing of this trick working. navigate here

I would try this method. Eric Reply September 26, 2009 superb88 were you able to recover your data, it sounds like I have a similar situation. Here is a little tip to tell if your heads are dead, or if there is still life in them and something else is the problem. There was a firmware error on all the drives coming out of the factory in china so I was able to send it back and have it reflashed when it started

I/o Device Error External Hard Drive

We have a history of reliability, with products designed to meet the highest durability standards. But then 1 of the partition is still showing up and every time i copy from it, it will take forever and doesn't do anything. Good design, who make it? WD - bah!

  • Thanks for any advice.
  • I guess it wouldn't hurt to try…do I need to take out the internal part to freeze or can I put the whole thing in there?
  • I held my breath and got my external hard drive plugged in and I swear on my childrens lives I got almost two hours of it working.
  • I am willing because I am a professional video editor with work on this drive.
  • Answer Questions Can I place a fully functional hard drive into another simular computer?
  • Very helpful!

but when I use Mini windows on Hiren boot cd, there is no problem. xD stupid IBM Deskstar POS drives… i can still hear the clicking of my old 40GB drive taunting me and laughing at all my lost data BACK UP BACK UP BACK and you know? I/o Device Error Windows 10 I have a hard drive that crashed over a year ago.

I used the freezing trick and it worked first time but I only manged to get 10GB of data. FacebookTwitter Sign up for news and offers: Name Email Products Categories Power Rechargeable USB Battery Universal Travel Adapters USB Solar Chargers USB Wall Chargers USB Car Chargers Storage Mobile Optical Drives Ask ! http://isaiasefhuffstetler.tk/I_O_Magic_External_Hard_Drive_Drivers.html You could probably get away with leaving it in for a shorter time frame but this is usually how long I leave it in for.

My hard drive is currently in two ziplocks in the freezer. I/o Error Windows 10 Can any1 help http://i55.tinypic.com/2d15p1.jpg Ann Reply June 19, 2011 I have a LaCie external drive that's 3 years old. Department of Stateheadsup1CatComputer FundamentalPuana Trial TranscriptUnited States Data Center Energy Usage Report Data Base Management System08-432affidavit08-433affidavitIsilon Systems, Inc. 10-K (Annual Reports) 2009-02-20Care & Handling of CDs & DVDs AboutBrowse booksSite directoryAbout Mark RM Reply March 24, 2009 hello !

I/o Device Error External Hard Drive Wd

I'm now on day two and the drive appears to be permanently fixed. Still no problems. I/o Device Error External Hard Drive but it had stopped shortly after. How To Fix An I O Device Error On A Wd External Hard Drive FrenchPlanned Parenthood Forensic Analysis ReportGunsmoke Guns Search Warrant AffidavitBaywatchSamsung Camcorder U10 User ManualBrother QL 570 printer / labelerMega EvidenceSamsung Camcorder HMX-R10 User ManualDream Weaver Course ManualManaging your Salesforce CRM storageSamsung Camcorder

I did CTRL ALT DEL the screen went black. http://shpsoftware.com/device-error/io-device-error-external-hard-drive.php I was able to get into a routine of a few hours in the freezer to about 30 minutes of usage until I got almost all of my 300gb of files Now, when I turn it on by plugging it in, it tries to boot, but ends up ramping up, then clicking, slowing back down, ramping up, clicking, etc. It's still mounted and xferring files as I type. I/o Device Error Windows 8

Theo Reply July 10, 2009 able to scan for a problem they get the (Not Responding) thing at the top and will not close till I unplug my external drive. I don't care how many bags you put it in there will absolutely be moisture in the air inside the first bag no matter what you do. I have very priceless pictures on my hard drive of my children. his comment is here Sounds like you let out the magic smoke.

So tonight ill grab a zip-lock and try it. I/o Device Error Internal Hard Drive Cautious Reply March 1, 2014 And apparently this website will allow just anyone to post an uninformed retort. So, I put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.

Sometimes a surge will cause the voice coil to move farther than it is supposed to, and temporarily "jam" internally.

Could this make it run long enough to recover large amounts of data? Lots of people have used this technique; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but not because of heads crashing into ice formations on the platters. eddy_end Reply July 7, 2010 im gonna try it lets see if it works, all i can say is that the person i love, did give me a 1.5Tb external hardrive I/o Device Error Usb Solution only if the hardisk is out of warranty.

its deffinitly from the hard drive. I think that the contraction must re-connect the silicon atoms somehow.!? What is the best type of zip lock bag should I purchase or do I need to buy something more durable Casey Reply May 22, 2007 A regular zip lock bag weblink Well its in the freezer now.

After reading all the testimonials I wrapped my ehd in 4 sheets of paper towels and put inside 2 ziplock bags and into our freezer. I downloaded 4,484 pictures and anything else I wanted. i did this put the disk in baggie and then in freezer overnight. Although they can be pricey, they usually have a pretty good success rate in cases like this.

So it does work, just temporarily.

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