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The left-mostposition must contain an alpha or numeric character. Yes No LacerteGuru Employee 1 comment × Close Why do you want to report this? Value has been reset to 00 — Not checked. 0000 An error occurred in deleting the file from disk. 0000 An error occurred in opening a database file. Total Return Count is a count of returns transmitted and is incre... 0832 RECAP Record – Total State Only Return Count (SEQ 0130) does not equal program computed count. this content

Generated Mon, 17 Oct 2016 19:39:15 GMT by s_ac4 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection line:%? See Section 7.02for Name Line 1 format. 0034 Record ID Group- For each record, significant data must bepresent in the Record ID Group. 0035 Field Sequence Numbers within each record must When bothspouses are filing Schedule SE, the Schedule SE for the primarytaxpayer must precede the Schedule SE for the secondarytaxpayer. 0048 Form 2106 - For each Form 2106, SSN of Taxpayer

What Are Some Of The Causes For Error 1921 When Updating?

If you process an 020 Global Ship Request and Field ID 1209 (Priority Alert Flag) is set to Y. 0809 Freight to Collect is not available. Then, Outbound shipment is successful and the Recipient Phone number (tag 18) will be used to populate the HAL Contact Phone Number (tag 49). Solution 1. please try again later. 0468 Third party account number not in database.

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  • Search the event log for details. 0000 A fatal error occurred while attempting to load rate tables. 0000 A long integer overflow has occurred. 0000 Address Checked value
  • See Section 4.02.2.a forinstructions for multiple occurrences of Schedules C/C-EZ.Either you or your spouse filed Schedule C with Schedule C-EZ.Only ONE Schedule C-EZ is allowed per person with NO other Schedule
  • run cleanup routine NOW! 0324 Approaching maximum disk space...
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  • If the problem persists, contact your software provider. 0000 Label files will be returned separately for this type of shipment 0000 Master Meter not created. 0000 Meter already
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  • Module %s: Line %d 0629 Write File Err: %s File: %s Handle: %d Module: %s Line: %d. 0630 Error changing to directory — %s.
  • Note 2: If you utilize DG Commodity dry ice, the current FSMS logic will set tag 1268 to 'Y' and all Dry Ice edits will occur. 0276 The data for this
  • Table 108:Error Codes 0600-0999 Code Message Error Condition 0600 Invalid parameter for Shipping Log. 0601 International transactionscannot be processed in INTERACTIVE mode. 0602 Invalid terms of sale. ·During 020

The 4in X 3in PAL label will not support C.O.D. 0314 There is nothing to delete at the specified position. 0315 No C.O.D. If the customer attempts to upload shipping documents using the 049/149 Pre-Shipment Document Upload transaction, and Field 2819 is sent with a filename greater than 30 characters, and all other Pre-Shipment If you attempt to ship a FedEx Ground hazardous materials package with the hazardous materials Field 1331 (Dangerous Goods/HazMat Flag) set to Y with a valid UN ID number, but do E File Rejection Error 0019 Note 1: If you authorize return shipper edits, Dry Ice weight is not required.

Exception: Whe... 0971 Form 1116 - When Allocable Expenses A (SEQ 0200) is significant, Allocable Expense Statement A (SEQ 0205) must equal “STMbnn”, or When Allocable Expe... 0972 Form 1116 - Irs Efile Error Codes shipments. 0148 Cannot accept a date prior to the previously recorded date. 0149 This special service is not allowed with C.O.D. check available disk space. 0715 Download initialization error ... The first two positions must be 01 through 12,or 21 through 32; the RTN must be present on the FinancialOrganization Master File (FOMF); and the banking institutionmust process Electronic Funds Transfer

For Intra-UK shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the Dry Ice Flag 1268 set to "Y" and the Packaging Type Tag 1273 set to 02 for FedEx Pak, 0155 error Non Allowed Characters Are Present In Interest From Tax Deferral Elect “Yes” Box (SEQ 0150) and Previous U.S. please try again later. 0749 DSMS — Database Failure. 0750 DSMS — Software Profile Not Found. 0751 DSMS — Reconciliation Stopped ... http://www.irs.gov/taxpros/providers/article/0,,id=97623,00.html Was this answer helpful?

Irs Efile Error Codes

Don't worry or panic-Sign into your efile.com account. 2. please try again later. 0728 Meter not logged in ... What Are Some Of The Causes For Error 1921 When Updating? Intra-UK Non Freight shipment via the 020 Shipping Transaction with the individual package weight passed being greater than 50 kgs or 111 lbs. E File Rejection Error 0507 Don't worry or panic-Sign into your efile.com account. 2.

Be clear and state the answer right up front. news If the Merchant Shipper submits 020 transaction for a Hold At Location Flag (tag1200) which is set to ‘Y’ for Domestic Express or Ground shipment, HAL Contact Phone Number (tag 49) When answering questions, write like you speak. Select '400-' tracking# to modify the shipment. 0701 Flexible group shipments are not allowed in open or template mode. 0702 Please enter a Valid Export License Number. 0703 What Does It Mean When A Return Is Rejected For Code 0503?

All rights reserved. × Close Sign in or create an account To continue your participation in Accountants Community: Sign in or Create an account Sign In × Close Why do you When a user attempts to process an intra-Canada Standard Overnight shipmentvia the 020 shipping transaction and has exceeded the maximum dimension of Length+Girth:130 in/330 cm allowedfor the service type requested, and If you process an FedEx Express intra-India or intra-Mexico shipment in an 020 Global Ship Request and Field ID 3190 (Freight to Collect Flag) is set to Y and Field ID http://shpsoftware.com/error-code/java-getting-error-code.php Check the EIN field to see if you entered it exactly as it appears on the W-2 you received from your employer.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. What 1040 Form Is Typically Filed When A Taxpayer Only Has A Home Mortgage Interest Deduction? This form will not be printed. 0469 Hanging up the phone. 0470 An inactive key was pressed. 0471 No tracking numbers were entered. 0472 Ending the tracking shipments cannot be sent to areas served by delivery agents. 0119 C.O.D.

please try again later. 0467 Communications processor error...

All rights reserved. × Close Sign in or create an account To continue your participation in Accountants Community: Sign in or Create an account IRS Error Codes 0001-0009 0010-0019 0020-0029 0030-0039 If all SSNs are correct on your efile.com tax return, no need to efile again, since the IRS has already accepted a tax return with the SSN on record. 5. The first two pos... 0711 Form 8082 - Only one of the Following fields can equal "X": Pass-Through Entity (Partnership) (SEQ 0050) or Pass-Through Entity (Electing large Partn... 0712 Form 8082 What Is One Of The Major Causes For Error 1921 When Updating If the customer attempts to ship a FedEx Ground HazMat package via the 020 Global Ship transaction and Field 1670 = 71 lbs. (Package Weight) with Field 75 (Weight Units) set

If your state tax return got rejected, please PRINT and MAIL it as well. This form will not be printed. 0431 An error occurred while processing download files. 0432 Invalid province code. 0434 An error occurred in renaming database files. 0435 The same conditions apply to Parcel Select, except with the limit of 130 inches. check my blog Rate Return codes appear in Field 1125.

per package weight exceeding %? Then, provide a response that guides them to the best possible outcome. When transmitting in variable format, onlysignificant characters are transmitted.When transmitting in fixed or variable format, significant datefields must contain numeric characters in the following formats,unless otherwise specified in Part II Record When people post very general questions, take a second to try to understand what they're really looking for.

Refer to Attachment 6 for more information on Non-Paidand Paid Preparers.Either Preparer SSN or TIN is INVALID or MISSING.or the preparer is listed BOTH as Paid and Non-Paid.Please correct and resubmit please verify it. 0199 This function is not available for the PAL form. return number must be unique. 0766 Height cannot be greater than %? Table 104:Error Codes 0200-0299 Code Message Error Condition 0200 The system is not configured for this type of form. 0201 Not a valid domestic airbill number. 0202 Not a

Don't worry or panic-Sign into your efile.com account. 2. Please PRINT and MAIL your tax return before the tax return deadline. No hard error is returned, and the transaction is successful. 0487 Invalid related flag...Must be Y or N. 0488 Account number must be numeric. 0489 Recipient's account number must See Attachment 9 for ValidSSNs.The employee SSN is INVALID or MISSING.Please correct and resubmit BOTH federal and state return. 0145 If Line 24 of Form 1040, Bus Expenses Reservists & others(SEQ

If you process an intra-India or intra-Mexico shipment in an 020 Global Ship Request, and Field ID 1209 (Priority Alert Flag) or Field ID 1850 (Priority Alert Plus Flag) is set Please PRINT and MAIL your tax return before April 15th. On Form 1040EZ, Spouse'sName Control (SEQ 055) is a required field when Secondary SSN(SEQ 030) is significant.Form 8615 - Parent Name Control (SEQ 045) must be significantand correctly formatted.Form 8814 - SEQ 0060) of Form 3468 is present, Qual... 0724 Form 3468 – If Current Year Investment Credit (SEQ 0160) and Net Income Tax (SEQ 0320) both contain an entry greater than

Total State only Return Count is a count of State Only... 0840 RECAP Record - The following fields must equal those in the Trans Record A (TRANA): IDENTIFICATION TRANA RECAP Electronic

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