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There may be strange control characters embedded in your file. Not the answer you're looking for? As a general rule, look slightly earlier or later of where the compiler is complaining. Or you want to get result of user action on the dialog? –svaor Nov 3 '11 at 11:24 JDialog dialog = new JOptionPane("ErrorMsg", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE,JOptionPane.DEFAULT_OPTION).create‌Dialog(" Failure"); dialog.setAlwaysOnTop(true); dialog.setVisible(true); dialog.dispose(); –Shaik navigate to this website

button. Should a router use SLAAC for IPv6 address assignment? I would prefer an solution in code, rather than reading from an external file. You can also perform many other kinds of customization. //Custom button text Object[] options = {"Yes, please", "No, thanks", "No eggs, no ham!"}; int n = JOptionPane.showOptionDialog(frame, "Would you like some

Joptionpane Message

For totally mysterious errors, look at your source code file with a hex viewer. If you do it simply with System.in and System.out, you would do it like this: BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in)); String line = in.readLine(); If you thought of an easy Are you making a command-line program? –bmargulies Sep 6 '14 at 13:43 add a comment| 3 Answers 3 active oldest votes up vote 2 down vote Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in); I'm trying to get them to let me open-source it... -- Scott share|improve this answer answered Jan 15 '09 at 18:56 Scott Stanchfield 21.7k63657 Nice way of handling error

How to make an error message for when userInput is a string instead of an int? share|improve this answer answered Jan 15 '09 at 13:20 romaintaz 47.4k34165241 2 I would up this more than 1 if I could. What are the legal consequences for a tourist who runs out of gas on the Autobahn? Showinputdialog I would hope this is obvious, but only one of my listed conditions needs to be met for the error to occur, not all of them.

Here is an example of using showInputDialog to create a dialog that lets the user choose one of three strings: Object[] possibilities = {"ham", "spam", "yam"}; String s = (String)JOptionPane.showInputDialog( frame, Also note that I've explicitly specified the code instead of using the ordinal value - this makes it easier to change the order and add/remove errors later. Is there a way to use a String (a map key) as an argument of a method expecting Enum type?0Enum Java Not saved as Strings with Enumerated Annotation2Error-prone Java enum refactoring Where are sudo's insults stored?

share|improve this answer answered Jun 7 '11 at 19:12 Jonas 34.2k69210303 add a comment| up vote 9 down vote import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class ErrorDialog { public static void main(String Jdialog Example For example, a YES_NO_OPTION dialog always returns one of the following values: YES_OPTION, NO_OPTION, or CLOSED_OPTION. Why does Mal change his mind? Not the answer you're looking for?

  • Conversely, if you use Jikes, Oracle’s messages can be enlightening.
  • The arguments specify (in order) the parent component, message, title, option type, message type, and icon for the dialog.
  • This site is experiencing technical difficulty.
  • Most Dialogs present an error message or warning to a user, but Dialogs can present images, directory trees, or just about anything compatible with the main Swing Application that manages them.
  • In car driving, why does wheel slipping cause loss of control?
  • DialogDemo contains two dialogs that implement a property change listener.
  • Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Need to use JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE type of JDialog in a JFrame up vote 1 down vote favorite I had used JDialog box to
  • A fourth method, showInputDialog, is designed to display a modal dialog that gets a string from the user, using either a text field, an uneditable combo box or a list.

Joptionpane Warning Message

The API is listed as follows: Showing Standard Modal Dialogs (using JOptionPane Class Methods) Methods for Using JOptionPanes Directly Frequently Used JDialog Constructors and Methods Showing Standard Modal Dialogs (Using JOptionPane This is a question of security and preventing spoofers getting a foothold. –wmorrison365 Apr 11 '13 at 8:35 add a comment| 11 Answers 11 active oldest votes up vote 97 down Joptionpane Message Suggestions? Java Exception Message Component parentComponent The first argument to each showXxxDialog method is always the parent component, which must be a Frame, a component inside a Frame, or null.

Not the answer you're looking for? useful reference java swing awt jdialog share|improve this question edited Mar 13 '12 at 12:31 Xaerxess 16.4k25784 asked Nov 3 '11 at 9:59 Shaik Md 3023518 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active Possible values: DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE, DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE, HIDE_ON_CLOSE (the default). All rights reserved. Joptionpane Tutorial

It is also easier to modify an error message, and it will not need any re-compilation of the Java sources. The showConfirmDialog method asks the user to confirm something, but presents standard button text (Yes/No or the localized equivalent, for example) rather than button text customized to the user situation (Start/Cancel, Were students "forced to recite 'Allah is the only God'" in Tennessee public schools? my review here There is a good chance somebody has asked about it in a newsgroup at some time and received a public reply.

Make the boolean argument true to specify a modal dialog, false or absent to specify a non-modal dialog. Try Catch Java You can close the dialog either by clicking a button in the dialog or explicitly, such as by using the dialog window decorations. Framework — Brings up a confirmation dialog when the user selects the Quit menu item.

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For example, here is an informational dialog: Here is the code that creates and shows it: JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(frame, "Eggs are not supposed to be green."); The rest of this section covers the All rights reserved. What is the name of this brown, "flat hat", fungus? Notepad++ You may be getting the old code instead of the new.

Can an umlaut be written as a line in handwriting? Now, set it for 3 seconds to the text: errorLabel.setText("Your input is not an Integer! Though this dialog is rather useless as written, its code is simple enough that you can use it as a template for more complex dialogs. get redirected here Object message This required argument specifies what the dialog should display in its main area.

You can even specify that an option pane put itself into an internal frame (JInternalFrame) instead of a JDialog. HomeJava2D Graphics GUI3DAdvanced GraphicsAntApache CommonChartClassCollections Data StructureData TypeDatabase SQL JDBCDesign PatternDevelopment ClassEJB3EmailEventFile Input OutputGameGenericsGWTHibernateI18NJ2EEJ2MEJavaFXJDK 6JDK 7JNDI LDAPJPAJSPJSTLLanguage BasicsNetwork ProtocolPDF RTFReflectionRegular ExpressionsScriptingSecurityServletsSpringSwing ComponentsSwing JFCSWT JFace EclipseThreadsTiny ApplicationVelocityWeb Services SOAXMLError message dialog : The showOptionDialog method displays a customized dialog — it can display a variety of buttons with customized button text, and can contain a standard text message or a collection of components. Error codes have to be checked everywhere, passed around, and tend to make the code unreadable when the amount of code becomes bigger.

Then you can make a table to help you later when you inadvertently make that error. (That is how I created many of the entries in the tables run time error The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Besides setting the property change listener, the following code also calls the JDialog's setDefaultCloseOperation method and implements a window listener that handles the window close attempt properly. Try our newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).

if ((s != null) && (s.length() > 0)) { setLabel("Green eggs and... " + s + "!"); return; } //If you're here, the return value was null/empty.

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